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Noah Wilson What's not to love about this album? Nick + Noah are quickly becoming my favorite group. They are highly competent musicians, unafraid to experiment with arrangements, textures, and layers. The strings and choral arrangements on this album will wrap your heart in a warm blanket all winter long. The Painter, in particular, is gorgeous. Favorite track: The Painter (feat. Tom Kenny).
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This album is a portrait of winter. Of stillness. Of serenity. Of reflection. Of confinement. Of the magic in one night's silence. Of cold. Of coziness. Of celebration. Of snow. Of the simple enchantment of a crackling fire. Of belief. Of families coming together, whether in spirit or in location. Of perseverance. Of staying warm. And of the wonder that can be found in something as simple as the ringing of a bell.

"Winter" is the second of four seasonal EPs by Nick + Noah, a pop duo consisting of longtime friends and collaborators Nick Frenay and Noah Kellman.

Special Thanks To:
Gary Frenay, Jackie Lewis-Frenay, Dr. Robert Kellman, Jessie Kellman, Samuel Kellman, Curtis Kelley, Griff Gall, Drew Krasner, Cody Stahl, Laila Smith, Kevin Greene, Tori Moran, Hanya Wozniak-Brayman, Mary Beth Lewis, Nancy Lewis Brown, John Williams, Steven Spielberg, Chris Columbus, Nelson Riddle, Nat King Cole


released December 15, 2014

Nick Frenay: lead and background vocals, electric bass, electric guitar, trumpets, flugelhorns, trombones
Noah Kellman: lead and background vocals, acoustic piano, synths
Jimmy Navarra: drums, sleigh bells, tambourine, voice of train conductor in "The Painter"
Tom Kenny: voice of storyteller in "The Painter"
Jakob Rabitsch: whistling
Sam Crowe: clarinets, flutes
Zach Brown: acoustic bass
Chase Potter: violin
Sumaia Jackson: violin
Dan Lay: viola
Sean Brennan: cello
Introflection: vocal choir
The Back Bay Ringers: handbell choir

Engineered by Jack Emblem, Diego Huaman, Yianni Anastos-Prastacos, Kama Bell, Joe Miller VI, Joey Izzo, Leonard Do, John Wynn, and Arieh Berl

All songs written by Nick + Noah, with the exception of "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes," written by Jerome Kern and Otto Harbach.
All songs performed and produced by Nick + Noah.
Mixed and mastered by Noah Kellman.
© 2014

Album Artwork Photography by Samuel Kellman.
Album Artwork Editing by Kaya Blaze Kelley.


all rights reserved



Nick + Noah New York, New York

Nick + Noah is a pop duo consisting of Nick Frenay and Noah Kellman. Longtime friends and musical partners, this is their first official collaboration. Not only have Nick and Noah both attended the GRAMMYs, but between the two of them, they have performed in venues across the globe and won awards from ASCAP, Downbeat Magazine, Yamaha, and more. ... more

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Track Name: Bells Are Ringing
under the bright city lights
something feels different tonight
the holiday season a few short weeks away, but this year you’ll stay

all the traditions you’ve known
won’t be the same here on your own
follow the lights till you find the city square, and hear in the air,

bells are ringing
snow is falling
children singing
all around

don’t have to feel out of place
there’s so much joy to embrace
each stranger’s smile has a gentle hint of home, you don’t feel alone

when we’re together we find
if we can learn to be kind
there is a magic that lifts our heavy hearts, when we do our part

bells are ringing
snow is falling
children singing
all around

starlight glistening
dreams are calling
if you’re listening
to the sound

under the bright city lights
something feels different tonight...
Track Name: Interlude I (When It Snows)
when it snows outside
and you know you must hide
will you go outside?
Track Name: The Painter (feat. Tom Kenny)
A blue half moon shined its light across a glittering sea, revealing crystals falling softly upon a white, silk landscape. Every so often a school of flakes was swept up by a gust of wind, sailing through the air in spirals. Belle sat on her knees, facing backwards on a red velvet chair. Her arms were crossed, and she rested her little chin on top of them, peering out the window at the shimmering backdrop. Mama helped her bundle up, and she marched outside in her woolen boots and her fluffy pink coat that looked four sizes too big.

While exploring the serene landscape, Belle noticed a strange figure off in the distance. She decided that it was her duty to investigate, and so she walked toward it. As she grew closer, she could make out the figure of a man. He was gripping a paintbrush and seemed to be lost in his canvas. He did not notice Belle until she was very close to him, and he peered up at her as she approached.
“Well hello there, miss…”
Belle looked timidly down at her feet, sneaking quick glances up at the mysterious man.
“Don’t be shy, now! What’s your name, young lady?”
“Hello, Miss Belle. I’m Vincent.”
“Hi Mr. Vincent.”
Belle’s curiosity far outweighed any timidity.
“What are you painting?”
“That train over there, of course!”
“But I don’t see a train.”
“But surely you must, it’s right over there! Come, sit. It must be you are looking from the wrong angle.”
Belle walked closer to the man and he lifted her onto his knee.
“But all I can see is your painting, Mr. Vincent!”
Belle looked around feeling frustrated, trying to peer around the canvas until finally, she gave up and cocked her head around to look at Mr. Vincent.
“But there’s nothing there!” She yelled indignantly.
The painter took his index finger and pointed at the painting. Belle looked where he pointed, yet she saw nothing but a starry sky on the horizon. Then, suddenly, she saw a strange shape emerging from behind the hills. At first it was only headlights and the silhouette of a steam engine, but sure enough, a train seemed to be approaching. She could see many more of the cars now as the train curved around the bend. Little lights shown through the windows and Belle could see people walking about inside.
“But it’s only a picture!” She exclaimed with surprise.
Mr. Vincent smiled.
“Is it? Listen.”
And then, in the not-so-far-off distance, she heard a “Choo, choo!” Belle shivered with excitement.

In a second of disbelief, she reached out to touch the painting, but Mr. Vincent caught her hand and stopped her.
“Now, my dear girl, we must never touch a painting. We must only look into it,” the painter said with a smile, and with that, he began packing up his easel and his brushes, and covered the painting with a tarp.
“Farewell, Miss Belle.”
He took the painting under his arm and with the tip of his hat and a wink, disappeared into the snowy night. However, just as Belle had turned to go home, there came a tremendous roar from beyond the woods. Sure enough, she spun around to find a majestic locomotive barreling toward her.

It continued to advance until it was so close that Belle could see the conductor’s playful grin. She jumped up and down and waved with gusto, tugging her arm down to signal him. He returned her wave with a twist of his mustache, and the train answered with another “Choo, choo!” Belle felt the wind on her rosy cheeks as the train passed by, and she turned around and ran home to tell her mother all about it. “Mama, mama! Look at the train!” she yelled. But when her mother opened the door, the train was already far off in the distance, disappearing into a shadowy tunnel.

When Belle went to sleep later that night, all she could think of was her encounter with the mysterious man and his magical painting. She wondered how such things were possible, and thought that someday, she too would paint stories that could come to life. As she drifted into her dreams, she was sure she heard the sound of a steam engine making its way across the moonlit horizon.
Track Name: Interlude II (It's So Cold)
it's so cold
i feel old in the bones
freezing through
me and you
Track Name: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
they asked me how i knew
my true love was true
i of course replied
something here inside
can not be denied

they said some day you'll find
all who love are blind
when you heart's on fire
you must realize
smoke gets in your eyes

so i chaffed them and i gaily laughed
to think they could doubt my love
but today my love has gone away
i am without my love

now laughing friends deride
tears I cannot hide
so i smile and say
when a lovely flame dies
smoke gets in your eyes
Track Name: Interlude III (The World Awakes)
the world awakes
i dont have what it takes
and my heart breaks
i dont have what it takes
Track Name: It Might Take A While
what’s it take to love one another
is it meant for us?
we were always good to each other
that was not enough

both so scared of love
when we need it now
both so scared to feel
but we don’t know how

and it might take a while
for me to learn to smile
but I know we’ll reconcile
it just might take a while

when the sky is white in the winter
stars cannot be found
you let out a ghost of a whisper
but your words are drowned

all so scared of love
when we need it now
all so scared to feel
cause we know deep down

that it might take a while
for me to learn to smile
but I know we’ll reconcile
it just might take a while

ive been chasin fairytales my whole life throughhh
but just because a love is pretty doesnt make it true

and it might take a while
for me to learn to smile
but I know we’ll reconcile
it just might take a while just might take a while
Track Name: Interlude IV (When The Sun Goes Down)
when the sun goes down
there in your evening gown
you see the world as new
i'll never hide from you
Track Name: Home
home is a place where your heart lives
where dreamers learn how to dream
people who love you and smiles that beam
and you always will belong

some parts of life can be fleeting
sometimes a love isn't true
family will always be waiting for you
in this room, full of warm light, cozy and safe, on this peaceful night

it’s never cold
never dark
by the fireside
snow falling down
flakes of white
out the window

so if you feel sad or lonely
there is a place you can go
and as you cherish the mem’ries you’ve known
your heart will carry you home